A minimal-complexity light-sheet microscope maps network activity in 3D neuronal systems

Paulina M. Wysmolek, Filippo D. Kiessler, Katja A. Salbaum, Elijah R. Shelton, Selina M. Sonntag & Friedhelm Serwane

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Retina organoids: Window into the biophysics of neuronal systems (Featured Review)

Katja Salbaum, Elijah Shelton, Friedhelm Serwane

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Together is better: mRNA co-encapsulation in lipoplexes is required to obtain ratiometric co-delivery and protein expression on the single cell level

Zhang H., Bussmann J., Huhnke F., Devoldere J., Minnaert AK, Jiskoot W., Serwane F., Spatz J., Röding M., De Smedt S., Braeckmans K., Remaut K.

Adv. Sci. 2021, 2102072.,

Selected publications (see also google scholar profile)

In vivo quantification of spatially-varying mechanical properties in developing tissues. 

Serwane F., Mongera A., Rowghanian P., Kealhofer D., Lucio A., Hockenbery Z., Campas O.

Nature Methods, 14,181-186, 2017

A fluid-to-solid jamming transition underlies vertebrate body axis elongation. 

Mongera A., Gustafson H., Rowghanian P., Shelton E., Kealhofer D., Serwane F., Lucio A., Giammona J., Campas O.

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Deterministic preparation of a tunable few-fermion system. 

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